In 2017, known as the year of the Stories in the House of Raw Art, the rise of another musical concept, was also present. intimately intertwined with punk disco memories in a poetry and an electronic game. A massive eruption of electronic music became the technical counterpart to the Guitars that were busy playing the story of music that we love. We made music that recounted our own experiences and of our all-nighters.


I beheld the walls of the great City, where DJs are Residents for the Eternity. They are the Gods of the night and they call you! On the edge of the Love of Music are hanging the suspended Gardens where the colossuses of Sacred Sound address their listeners—the Clubbers bent by the huge efforts that have been accomplished find shelter in the ​​high Pyramids of Confusion! Silence is gold… The opening of the opulent tomb filled with vinyls which survived the last century! Home to Sacred Objects: An Electric Guitar & Effects, Guest Stars! with Bass Synthesizers in Music Line—this silhouette soars to the skies of New Century…

We are sitting at a table in the small kitchen in Barbes in the city of Paris beneath a fading photography, one of my abiding inspirations. Around us, boxes full of archives, vinyl, drawing material are stacked high in every available space: prints, diaries, toys, films, letters, CD’s—books all the obsessively recorded evidence of a life lived in thrall to the intensity of the everyday.

It’s the essence of those normal moments that I am exploring, the intensity of feeling in them. That is what I have been trying to do for all these years.
When the old forms began collapsing and falling away though exhaustion and repetition, a new sensibility is born. That is what happened back then and may be happening now.

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